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Grumps by Magmashift101
Just some random Grumps I was working on while a 6 year old kept leaning on me asking if I was finished with it every five minutes. I was originally going to include Ross, Barry, and Jon, but I didn't like how their outfits came out. (and right now, the only one I'm happy with is Kevin's shirt.) The names are under them and Kevin is a precious baby. The character bases I used were based off of a discussion on Tumblr that was wondering which Disney characters the Grumps would be. I just recently started binge watching episodes and discovered the adorable Kevin. I based their outfits on outfits that I had actually seen them wearing in photos or videos. (except Arin. I just said "fuck it" with him."
As usual, all of these bases come from SelenaEde 
Flynn rider base:…
Anna base:…
Kristoff base:…
Aladdin base:…

For those who want to know, Ross, Barry, and Jon would have been Phillip, Snow White's prince, and Prince Charming, respectively
Disney Genderbend (and Crysta) by Magmashift101
Disney Genderbend (and Crysta)
I got bored and decided to do a genderbend with some of the based I never use. I might do more later, but I just started out with some of the Disney characters I loved growing up. These are only what I would think would be done with their outfits.
All of these bases are from SelenaEde . I love their bases. 
Aladdira - hair's been shortened and given a breast strap. A lot of people give Aladdin's gender bend longer hair, but I think shorter hair would fit him better as a woman.
Ben - still wearing the blue outfit, but instead of the skirt, he wears pants and boots.  I didn't see the need to get rid of the hair because all that really needed to be changed was the bow
Aren - given men's heels, pants, and a jerkin. (I think that's what it is.) Hair is still long, but not as long. In a blue ponytail holder.
Jasper - Kept the headband and pants, but adjusted the crotchline and adjusted the kind of shoes. Gave him a vest and and armband. Kept his hair in signature ponytail thing but shorter.
Andy - shortened the hair. (was going to give him a braid, but got lazy) I was going to do much more with the pants, but I didn't have a full view of the boots, so I just went with a style similar to Kristoff's.
Crystofer - changed the shirt style sort of.
Heracle - I was really afraid to do a lot, so I just changed the body shape a little because she's still muscular, but I still wanted to get it across that she's a female. So I got rid of some defining muscle lines and thinned out her chest and waist.
James - Gave him pants and gentlemen's boots. Put a jacket and coattail on him.
Bases in order:……………………
Fem Genie by Magmashift101
Fem Genie
So I finished this. The hardest part was thinking of a hairstyle. I used a hairstyle similar to the one he used as a bellydancer disguise in Prince Ali. I did this fem!genie because I saw a female cover of a couple of Aladdin songs and I wasn't too pleased with how it turned out. As you can see, I changed the color of a couple of his "belt" and chains. I think purple lipstick fits him.
You can find my original base here:…


Linsay Monbeck
United States
I am a major anime freak. I am very...lifeless. I have a major obsession over Dan Green. I am a major Transgeek, (I like Transformers).

Current Residence: Cybertron
Favourite genre of music: Japanese
Favourite photographer: ????
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Knuckles the echidna, Yami Yugi...anyone played by Dan Green. Almost.
Personal Quote: SPOONS!!! Only a TMNT geek would get that
I'm in a tight situation so I'm selling my two best dresses. I don't have any money for shipping so I'm only accepting offers from people within a 10 hour drive from Georgia.
I don't want to give too many details about my situation, but it's not too bad. I just need money for car insurance and to pay to renew my tags. I don't have a job (and I'm trying to fix that), so this is the next best thing.
I have a blue gown that is a size 20, slightly worn around the hem because it's super long and a pink dress that's shorter that's a size 18. I uploaded this to my scraps in case you wanted to just take a look at it. without the text around it.
So, if you are in any of GA's surrounding states, or if you're within 10 hours of GA and you want to buy one of the dresses just message me and we can work out a price. If you're in Georgia, that'd be even better. 
I prefer in-person deals, so it will most likely be us meeting. Which ironically would be more than the dress costs, but I don't have paypal.
Sorry for rambling. I'll just bold the important stuff so you know what to read.
dresses for sale by Magmashift101

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