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Linsay Monbeck
United States
I am a major anime freak. I am very...lifeless. I have a major obsession over Dan Green. I am a major Transgeek, (I like Transformers).

Current Residence: Cybertron
Favourite genre of music: Japanese
Favourite photographer: ????
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Knuckles the echidna, Yami Yugi...anyone played by Dan Green. Almost.
Personal Quote: SPOONS!!! Only a TMNT geek would get that
Okay, so I'm bored and not too sure of when I'll upload more art, so I'm gonna do this 'ask the characters' thing. Below is a list of some of my characters and a bit of info about them. Sorry about the long list.

    1.    Ohana (Lilo & Stitch) - Ohana is an experiment created by Jumbaa and her powers are shape-shifting into anything she desires. She has powers similar to Stitch, being bi-pedal or not, growing limbs, climbing walls, broken speech. Her first word was 'Ohana', giving her her name. 

    2.    Lenny (Lilo & Stitch) - Lenny is a goofy alien who was found on a ship and crashed it on Earth. His powers include extending his tongue to amazing lengths and being able to eat anything and as much of that anything as possible. 

    3.    Gan (Starfox) - She is Wolf's sister and crash landed on a planet, losing her foot along with the rest of her team. She hates her brother with a passion, though she bears a close resemblance to him

    4.    Naryx (LoZ) - Naryx is a Gerudo who, like her sisters, shares a hatred of Ganondorf. She worked in Hyrule Castle since she was young and works as a chef

    5.    Frostelle (DBZ) - Frostelle is the youngest sister of the Cold family and is twice as snide as her brothers. She despises them and made it her mission to prove herself better than them. She is a master of telekinesis and telepathy and may or may not have romantic feelings for Piccolo. Depending on the weather.

    6.    Mika (Inuyasha) - Mika was a village girl who died in a village raid and was brought back to like with Sesshomaru's sword. Ever since, she has hung around him, much to his dismay. She recently found out that she was a demon and constantly asks Sesshomaru about it

    7.    Waverly (Sonic X) - Waverly is an orange chihuahua that has a crush on Knuckles that everyone but Knuckles knows she has. She is very fast-paced and temperamental. Her parents are dead

    8.    Wingnut (Sonic X) - Wingnut is a bonkers eagle who likes flying

    9.    Rogue (Sonic X) - You know what, fuck Rogue I don't know why I made her

    10. Babylon (Sonic X) - She is an echidna android made by Eggman to get the Chaos Emerald. She doesn't really express any emotions and only cares about destroying Knuckles or getting the Chaos Emerald

    11. Treena (Sonic X) - She is a Seedrain that survived the Metarex. Knuckles scares her greatly. She's shy and adorable

    12. Kix (Sonic X)  - Kix is Sonic's cousin (who happens to be a porcupine). She's cocky and annoying at times

    13. Max (Sonic X) - Max is a hyena who's part of an agency called GEARS. That's all you need to know

    14. Reggie (Sonic X) - Reggie is a human and one of Chris' friends. She's very brave and too brave for her own good

    15. Scorch (Frozen) - Scorch is a commoner who lives in a volcano. He has a crush on Elsa.

    16. Kindle (Frozen) - Kindle is the princess who lives in the volcano. She ran away from her home to marry Flare, a commoner.

    17. Sauna (Frozen) - Sauna is a fire creature who doesn't understand why she can't touch the snow.

    18. Jessica (Little Mermaid) - She's a mermaid with a magical amulet that allows her to be human.

    19. Flare (Frozen) - Flare is a volcano person who is in love with the princess Kindle. He is very portly

    20. Father Time (ROTG) - He is a timekeeper and is very grouchy. He spends all his days and nights making sure nothing is wrong with the timestream

    21. Kozzie (ROTG) - Kozzie is the child of Mother Nature and Bunnymund. Named after his grandfather. He's kind and sweet

    22. Death (ROTG) - This is kind of obvious. He's sort of like Death from Supernatural, snarky, sarcastic, and monotonous

    23. Aqua (Sailor Moon) - Otherwise known as Sailor Poseidon, she is a major diva and loves fashion more than anything

    24. Runo (Naruto) - She is an assassin who can be a total bitch when need be.

    25. Decay (ROTG) - The Anti-Guardian for Tooth

    26. Penelope (Spyro) - A tiny dragon who cannot use magic

    27. Penelope (Magical Do Re Mi) - A witchling who is Petunia's niece. She's more skilled in magic than the others

    28. Loon (YGO Zexal) - She is a witch who can see Astral, along with other spectral beings as well. She sort of has romantic feelings towards Astral

    29. Shonen (YGO) - Shonen is a blind teenager who is the niece of Pegasus. She possesses the Sin of Wrath, though she does not show it

    30. Airielle (ATTLA) - Aang's little sister. She is an air bender, though she also does earth-bending. She strives to be like her older brother, but ends up annoying him

    31. Sheba (Lion King) - From Outlander to zoo animal back to Outlander, she does anything to protect her little sister, Riku.

    32. Riku (Lion King) - Sheba's younger sister. She is a lot like Simba

    33. Sahara (Lion King) - Timon's ex-girlfriend. She's rough and tough

    34. Ronnie (Lion King) - A human zookeeper that has a device that helps her talk to animals

    35. Sally (Johnny Test) - She's Sissy's best friend and secretly hangs with Johnny, though she constantly questions why.

    36. Magmashift (Transformers: Animated) - Megatron's former minion. She hates him ever since he planned to have her beheaded after he was done with the Autobots
    37. Miro (DBZ) - A long-lost Saiyan. She is the daughter of one of Vegeta's ex-mates, though she is not Vegeta's (this confirmed by being younger than Trunks)

    38. Myrna (HTTYD) - A dragon sorceress who took control of the dragons during breeding season so she could take over Berk.
    39. Hanna (Frozen) - Hans' twin sister who is very over-protective of him and defends him no matter what. Though she is a little more stable-minded.

    40. Joanna (Doctor Who) - A curious, adventurous, and quite possibly insane woman from the Victorian era who jumped in the TARDIS

    41. Susanna (X-Men) - She is a blind slave taken by Samurai in ancient Japan. She can see into the future

    42. Lucas (X-Men) - Susanna's brother, who has the ability to control time

    43. DeMatrix (X-Men) - She has the ability to control technology.

    44. Flamehead (X-Men) - He is a mutant spy that can control fire

    45. Caroline (Supernatural) - A Succubus who at first seduced Crowley to get ahold of Hell. Instead, she took a liking to him.

    46. Sammy (ROTG) - Ellie's quiet and shy son. His father died while Ellie was at war. Now, he lives in the Pole with North, Ellie and the yetis

    47. Heartstrings (ROTG) - The Spirit of Love AKA Cupid. He used his 'charm' to woo Mother Nature so he could get his hands on the necklace she has around her neck that holds power. He's a righteous dick

    48. April (ROTG) - April Foolery, one half of the Foolery twins. She and her brother are both pranksters

    49. Tom (ROTG) - Tom Foolery, one half of the Foolery twins. He and his sister are both pranksters

    50. Ellie (ROTG) - Also known as Mrs. Claus. She is a war veteran widow and is not to be messed with

    51. Athena (Avengers/Thor) - Daughter of Zeus, she is stingy and not exactly lady-like. 

    52. Holly (ROTG) - Daughter of Ellie and North. She takes traits from both her parents, and seems to have a love/hate relationship with North. Though she won't admit it, she has a slight crush on Kozzie

    53. Frostbite (ROTG) - Anti-Guardian for Jack

    54. Slay (ROTG) - Anti-Guardian for North

    55. Rida (HTTYD) - Snotlout's younger sister. She was banished from an island for being caught making out with the princess. Her relationship with Hiccup is closer than her relationship with Snotlout. She has an open crush on Astrid

    56. Kuekuatzu (ROTG) - Anti-Guardian for Bunny

    57. Cassie (Alvin and the Chipmunks) - A nervous and timid skunk who plays the drums

    58. Kamikazi (Alvin and the Chipmunks) - Outgoing and rebellious chipmunk who plays the guitar

    59. Jenny (Alvin and the Chipmunks) - Bossy and controlling Guinea pig who is the lead singer of her small band

    60. Madonna (TMNT) - Alien princess who ran away from home to live with the turtles. She has always been interested in martial arts ever since she saw Master Splinter in the Nexus tournament. She is over thousands of years old

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